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We, as (“EXQUISE”) use some technologies such as cookies, pixels, gifs ("cookies") in order to improve your experience during your visits to our online media. We use such technologies in accordance with the regulations, to which we are subject, especially the Law Nr. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (“LPPD”).

The purpose of this Cookie Information Text is to provide you with any information with respect to processing of the personal data obtained during the use of the cookies by the Site users/members/visitors (“Data Owner”) during the operation of the internet site “” (“Site”) that are being operated by us. In this text, we would like to inform you about what purposes we use what kinds of the cookies on our Site and how we can control sch cookies.

We, as EXQUISE, may stop using the cookies that we use on the Site, and we may change their types or functions, or we may add new cookies. Therefore, we shall be entitled to amend the terms and conditions, as prescribed hereunder, at any time.

For further information about the purposes of processing of your personal data by EXQUISE, we recommend that you should read the Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy of SULHAN MODA GIYIM SANAYI VE TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI on

Which Cookies Are Used For Which Purposes?


We, as EXQUISE, use the cookies on our site for various purposes, and we process your personal data through such cookies. Such purposes are mainly provided as follows:

  • To perform the essential functions required for operation of the site.

For example; the members, who are logged in, do not have to re-enter a password while visiting the different pages on the Site.

  • To analyze the Site and to increase the performance of the Site.

For example; integration of the different servers, on which the Site is working, and determination of the number of visitors to the Site, and making the performance adjustments accordingly, or provide convenience to the visitors in order to find what they are looking for.

  • To increase the functionality of the site and to provide ease of use.

For example; sharing posts on the third-party social media through the Site, and remembering the username information or search queries during the next visit of the visitor to the Site.

  • To carry out the personalization, targeting and advertising activities.

For example; showing ads in connection with the visitors' interests through the pages and products viewed by the visitors.

Your personal data may be processed upon your consent in accordance with the provisions prescribed under the Sections 5 and 8 of the LPPD and/or pursuant to the regulations if and when required; otherwise, it may be processed without obtaining your consent for the purposes as specified above. We, as EXQUISE, may share your personal data available under the Information Text with third parties, our affiliates, business partners and group companies, whom/which EXQUISE benefits from the services, in a manner to be limited to the achievement of the purposes, as specified above, and in compliance with the regulations. We would like to state that the parties, to which the data is transferred, may store your personal data on their servers available throughout the world.

Cookies Used on Our Site

The different types of cookies that we use on our site are provided as follows. Our site uses both first party cookies (placed by the site that you visit) and the third party cookies (placed by the servers other than the site that you visit).

Mandatory Cookies

The certain cookies are required to be used in order to ensure proper operation of our Site. For example; the authentication cookies, which are activated when you log in to our site, ensure that your active session continues during your transition from one page to another on our site.

Functionality and Preference Cookies

Such cookies remember your preferences and choices on the site, and they ensure that the services, offered on our site, are customized for you. For example; they allow us to remember your language selection on our site or the font size that you have chosen while reading a text.

Social Media Cookies

Such cookies allow you to collect the information about your use of social media. For example; the cookies may be used in order to use the information about your Facebook/Twitter accounts for the purpose of creation of the customized ads or performance of the market research.

Performance and Analysis Cookies

Thanks to such cookies, we are able to analyze your use of our site and the performance of our site, and to improve our services that we provide to you. For example; thanks to such cookies, we can identify which pages our visitors view the most, and whether our site is working properly, or not, and the possible problems.

Targeting or Advertising Cookies

We use cookies in order to advertise the products and services for you on our site or on the media other than our site. Also, we may cooperate with some of our business partners in order to perform any advertisement and promotion on or out of our site. For example; the cookies can be used in order to monitor whether you have clicked on any advertisement that you see on our site, and whether you have benefited from the service available on the site, redirected by such advertisement, after you have been attracted by the advertisement.

User agreement

By continuing to use our website, you agree that the cookies are placed on your device. In the event that you do not want the cookies to be placed on your device, then please adjust the settings of your internet browser based on your preferences.

In the event that you reject the persistent cookies or session cookies, then you may continue to use the website, mobile application and mobile site; however you may not be allowed to, or may be limited to, access any and all functions of the website, mobile application and mobile site. In respect of the mobile application, such matter may vary. Removal or deletion of the cookies might negatively affect your user experience.

For further information about the cookies and the cookie management, you can review our Personal Data Processing Policy on our website or send an e-mail to .

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